PeapodMats® Waterproof Bed Pads

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I have previously bought the large size Peapod Mats which have been an absolute God send for my husband, diagnosed with Dementia. He now needs the chair and medium size, for the sofa. These Peapodmats are brilliant, so absorbent, really do soak up a lot. They also stay in place without wrinkling up. The downside, they do take a long time to dry, without a tumble dryer.

Your review's made our day - thank you! We're very happy to read that PeapodMats are helping you care for your husband. Wishing you all the very best, Team JOIZI

Phil Devitt

Really great. Stay in place and dper absorbent. Really recommend them.

Hi Phil,
Thank you for taking the time to leave us such a nice review! We're happy to read that you find your PeapodMat absorbent and staying in place as it should.
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Comfy dog. Unstressed owner!

My elderly dog recently started to leak a litte during sleep, both day & night. She sleeps on my bed at night & naps on the chair or settee in the day, I tried using disposable pads but they weren’t working for us, I was using three at a time to cover the dog’s side of the bed & they slid about leaving gaps so didn’t offer good protection , also they made a noise which the dog didn’t like.
I was worrying over my bedding & chairs getting marked & having to wash every time there was an accident. So, I did some research & found Peapod mats. I have to be honest, I was put off initially because of the price but in the end placed an order for two small ones & two large ones . THEY ARE BRILLIANT! The large one covers the entire side of the bed where the dog sleeps & doesn’t move at all ( I have a textured duvet cover & it seems to grip it & stay put. Will be interesting to see how it behaves on smoother bedding) The small one is doing the job but I’d have liked it a little bigger to fit my furniture better( nothing at all wrong with it, that’s just a preference thing)
None have been washed much yet so I can’t really comment on that but I’m not foreseeing any problems. As to my concerns about price, it appears you get what you pay for. These are excellent quality.

Wow - thank you so much for your lovely 5-star review! We couldn't be happier that you found PeapodMats for your dog and you no longer have to use disposable pads for her.
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Stays in place well, is comfortable for my daughter and no leaks through the back!

Amazing to hear this - thank you for reviewing your PeapodMats!


Great product. Have ordered before.

Thank you for shopping with us again, Amanda!
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