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Toilet Training Tips from Grace

An interview with Grace, our Brand Ambassador. Grace is mum of two, with a twelve month gap!
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What’s been your biggest parenting success so far?

Grace: Keeping two toddlers alive and well. They are my pride and joy, I'm so proud of myself for how amazing they are, I did good 🥰

What’s your #1 parenting product and why?

Grace: One of the best things I bought was a baby carrier (Connecta), when my son (second child) was born it was his happy place on me and I could still parent my daughter who was only 1 at the time.


Do you have a go-to parenting book / resource?

Grace: I don't but knowing what I know now I would say ALWAYS go with your gut when it comes to your babies. Trust your instinct, it's normally right.


Do you have any toilet training tips?

Grace: Watch and listen to your child, see their ques. The main thing I would say is accept the accidents. It's their way of learning how to do it right. Also children develop at different ages, my daughter was toilet trained at 22 months. My son is 29 months and definitely not ready yet, and that's OK.


When did you start sharing your journey on social media, and why?

Grace: I started my social media journey when I got pregnant with my son (second child). I had a really complicated pregnancy where I spent a lot of time in hospital with a rare condition called Placenta Acretta. I didn't really share my personal journey on that at the time but I have definitely used it since to support others who are going through something similar.


Grace's Review of PeapodMats

"It's been amazing and made bed time training so much easier. It's going to come in handy for many different reasons like when the kids get sick or when we co-sleep sometimes."

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Eco friendly

It’s like a big towel BUT it stays in place more than a towel would. I bought because it’s much more eco friendly than disposable bed mats. My only negative is that it takes ages to dry. A good couple of days if not bright sunshine and it’s not recommended to tumble dry it. Despite that I think to save the planet from landfill full of disposable bed mats it’s worth the money and the drying time

Not impressed

It’s a glorified towel with a backing sheet. It doesn’t move around that much but £40 for it, I wouldn’t recommend. Also had to ask my daughter if she even wanted to sleep on it as it isn’t feel comfy … it’s a towel

Hi Emma,
Thank you for your review and we're sorry you feel this way about your PeapodMats.
Please get in touch with us at if you require any assistance at all and we'll be happy to help.

Great product

Bought the single sized pea pod mat in grey to assist my little boy who is 3 in his night time potty training. It’s brilliant. So reassuring it’s there when leaving him to sleep through the night and if he does have an accident I know it’s easy to wip off wash and tumble dry again for the same night. We will be buying another one to leave with the grandparents.

Brilliant Product

Purchased these as I have 2 boys who were struggling with making it through the night. So easy to use and great for if they fell asleep for a nap during the day as you can just slip them under them anywhere in the house. Also great for travel.

Hello Leia,
It's wonderful to hear that PeapodMats are great for travelling and you find them easy to use when your little ones nap during the day.
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,

Best find!

Having two additional needs children, one with bowel issues, one with night terrors and bed wetting, I was throwing away single used pads and bedding on the regular, even a few totally ditroyed matresses and was becoming costly. Since I found this product it has saved me in so many ways, the quality is amazing nd they wash well, we currently have 5 in our house, I couldn't do without them on our beds now.

Hello Victoria,
We're delighted to hear that you're happy with quality of PeapodMats!
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,