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Toilet Training Tips from Grace

An interview with Grace, our Brand Ambassador. Grace is mum of two, with a twelve month gap!
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What’s been your biggest parenting success so far?

Grace: Keeping two toddlers alive and well. They are my pride and joy, I'm so proud of myself for how amazing they are, I did good 🥰

What’s your #1 parenting product and why?

Grace: One of the best things I bought was a baby carrier (Connecta), when my son (second child) was born it was his happy place on me and I could still parent my daughter who was only 1 at the time.


Do you have a go-to parenting book / resource?

Grace: I don't but knowing what I know now I would say ALWAYS go with your gut when it comes to your babies. Trust your instinct, it's normally right.


Do you have any toilet training tips?

Grace: Watch and listen to your child, see their ques. The main thing I would say is accept the accidents. It's their way of learning how to do it right. Also children develop at different ages, my daughter was toilet trained at 22 months. My son is 29 months and definitely not ready yet, and that's OK.


When did you start sharing your journey on social media, and why?

Grace: I started my social media journey when I got pregnant with my son (second child). I had a really complicated pregnancy where I spent a lot of time in hospital with a rare condition called Placenta Acretta. I didn't really share my personal journey on that at the time but I have definitely used it since to support others who are going through something similar.


Grace's Review of PeapodMats

"It's been amazing and made bed time training so much easier. It's going to come in handy for many different reasons like when the kids get sick or when we co-sleep sometimes."

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Does the job!

This is great for keeping the bed sheet/mattress dry, however we still have the issue of the duvet getting wet if my daughter has an accident so I still have to strip half the bed. I question how comfortable it is to lay on as the material is a little rough but no complaints from my daughter. One thing I will say is my daughter gets very hot in bed laying on it, since using it she has sweated most nights which is a bit of a worry with overheating.

Hi Tamsin,

Thank you for your review! We're so happy to read that PeapodMat protects your daughter's bedsheet and mattress!

We're sorry to hear about your daughter getting hot at night. PeapodMats don't have a layer of plastic and are breathable so overheating shouldn't happen. Are you using any additional mattress protectors on your daughter's bed?

Please get in touch with us at if you require any assistance!


PeapodMat | Size: Large
Catherina Swinburn
Brilliant! Got my 4yo out of nappies within a couple of nights.

Perfect. I'd been at the end of my tether with my 4yo daughter who didn't want to let go of pull ups so invested in this mat. It's mega absorbent, and non slip and comfy to lay on. It washed well and air dries quickly. Within a couple of nights of use with accidents, she's night dry! I can't believe how much it helped, I wish we had bought it much sooner.

Love it

I now have 3 of these. 1 for each of my children I just love them. Deafintly worth investing in one for you children.

Hello Roxy,
It's great to hear that you're happy with PeapodMats!
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,

Great- but does move about

Covers a great amount of a single bed. It stays put but not all night- however, my son is a wriggly worm at night and moves non stop! The material is great and it feels really nice and soft. He loves his “new big boy sheet”


Arrived in a couple of days. Stays in place on the bed as per instructions. Washes well, only issue is that it takes longer to dry than expected. Thankfully only washed once before use, no accidents yet.

It's great to hear that your PeapodMat stays in place and washes well.
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,