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Tips for Carers of People With Incontinence

Are you looking after someone with incontinence? Do you feel like it’s getting out of hand?

Caring for someone can be demanding and overwhelming. If they suffer from incontinence, this adds an extra challenge. You may experience feelings of anger, frustration and upset. While your dependant may feel embarrassed, depressed and ashamed. Having helpful incontinence products can vastly improve the situation for both parties.

Elderly lady sitting in the wheelchair smiling at the carer

Once incontinence has been diagnosed, specialists will commence treatment. It’s worth noting, incontinence in many cases cannot be cured, but can be well managed with good preparation and approach.

Here's a list of things that may help you to better manage incontinence:

  1. Be open and talk with the person you're caring for about the situation, and how you both feel about it. This will allow you both to settle the negative emotions. You can try to use humour to relax the situation!
  2. Remain calm when accidents happen. This will be easier if you prepare yourself, and the house, well. Use good waterproof protection on furniture and beds. While many people use disposable pads on armchairs and beds, they do not provide ample protection as they move around and often leak. They are also not very discreet! PeapodMats provide good, discreet waterproof protection, and they stay put. They can also be quickly whisked away and washed to reduce stress and anxiety on both parts. 
    Woman reading a book on a sofa with PeapodMat
  3. Remember to wear gloves to avoid any cross contamination.
  4. Use clothing that is easily changed in case of sudden urges to use the toilet, or an accident.
  5. If a person is bed bound, make sure you have a good, waterproof mattress protector that can be quickly changed. PeapodMats are great as they protect the bedsheet so there’s no need to strip the whole bed in the case of an accident. This will hugely reduce the discomfort of the person you are caring for as you won’t have to roll or move them excessively. 
    Carer changing the bed for elderly lady.
  6. Keep a commode next to the bed so it can be easily accessed.
  7. If you're heading out for a walk, be prepared! Pack spare clothes, cover the wheelchair with a waterproof pad, and plan accordingly to person’s needs. Try to plan the walk around toilet breaks.
    PeapodMat on the wheelchair
  8. Make sure the person stays hydrated. Often, people with incontinence avoid drinking thinking that’ll solve the problem. It won’t. It often makes things worse by causing urinary tract infections.
  9. Check their diet. Coffee and tea can make incontinence worse. Avoid chocolate, spicy food or too much fresh and dried fruit in the diet. These can irritate bowel incontinence.
  10. Prepare well. You will need a lot of pads and it’s best to choose reusable ones. While disposable pads may appear cheap at the time, they quickly add up to at least £312 a year, just for bedding protection. That’s based on using only one pad per night. These pads are also very harmful to the environment and they often leak. 
    Elderly lady sleeping on the bed
  11. Keep a diary of when the person needs the toilet and take them 4-6 times a day. Such a schedule will also be useful if you decide to use care services for the toilet needs.
  12. Take regular breaks from caring. You're undertaking a heavy workload by looking after someone, and if their incontinence has a serious impact on you, ask for help. It’s not unusual to have carers coming in few times a day to take the person to the toilet, change their pad and bedding. Your wellbeing is paramount, so you can continue to provide the best care possible.
  13. If you are looking after someone with dementia, you might need a different approach to the situation.  
    Family sitting on the bed with PeadpodMat


We hope that you find these tips helpful. Is there anything that you would like to add to this list that could help others?

sources: betterhealth.vic.gov.ausecuricaremedical.co.ukwww.caregiverstress.com


This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It does not constitute medical or other professional advice. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


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I bought the large one for when my grandaughter came out of nappies, she is a fidgety sleeper and this has not move. I now have a second one for her little sister both are excellent. Saves my mattresses on new bed and stay in place for a comfortable sleep. Can’t Recommend enough. Brilliant!

Peapods are an absolute life saver. I have both the large and the medium.
With a urostomy it’s inevitable there will be leaks; just a fact of life.
Having one of these on the bed does away with the stress of airing the mattress etc when “a big one” happens.
It doesn’t feel clinical and thankfully doesn’t give that horrible sweaty feeling others do.
Amazing amazing amazing!

Hi GG, it's great to hear that you're happy with PeapodMats and that they take the stress away for you. Thank you for a great review. All the best, Team JOIZI

Absolutely incredible! We used to buy at least 2-3 new mattresses a year! This magical matt has saved us so much money. Never leaks and lovely soft towel texture. Highly recommend for mummy's or adults with incontinence issues.

Hi Aimee, thank you for your lovely review and recommending PeapodMats to others! It's great to hear that PeapodMat helped you save money on mattresses and you love its leakproof qualities! All the best, Team JOIZI

I purchased 2 of the medium sized Peapods (after a personal recommendation and then reading the excellent reviews) for my partners bed, she has incontinence due to early onset dementia. I am generally pleased with their performance and they have made life easier in this situation. However, usually a small amount of urine does pass through the Peapod with the result that I back it up with two layers of normal towels underneath to absorb this small excess. This system works well and the bed sheet always seems to be dry. It is for this reason that I have given 4 stars.
I would still say that they are worth the cost, obviously I alternate the two Peapods each night and am thinking of getting a third one as extra backup.

Hi David, thank you so much for your review and your lovely words about PeapodMats! Because PeapodMats are breathable (but leak proof) the water from urine may evaporate, causing the sheet underneath to feel cool to touch and giving it a damp feeling. Please also be advised that we generally recommend large size of PeapodMats for adults. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at hello@joizi.com.

After doing loads of research, we purchased a medium sized PeapodMat for my son who is still in pull-ups at night age 5 and a half! We're two nights in and there have been accidents both nights but the mat has worked - it didn't move around in the night and the sheet underneath remained dry so the matress is well-protected.

Hi Hannah, thank you for a great review. We're so happy to hear that PeapodMat has protected your little one's bed so well and stays in place all night. We wish you and your family all the best, Team JOIZI