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Common Potty Training Problems... & How To Solve Them!

Which one sounds like you? 

  • My child is scared of the potty! 😨

Avoid singing/talking potties or ones with flashing lights as children often get scared of them. (We've been there!) It's best to get the simplest potty available and let your child decorate it with their own stickers. Once a child is scared of a potty, it may take some time for them to be willing to try potty training again. Don't give up, keep talking about potty training, but remove the 'scary potty' asap.

  • My child refuses to potty train! 😩

Sometimes children refuse to potty train if they have too many accidents. They might feel like it's too hard, and become discouraged. Your support is very important here and your child should know there is no punishment for accidents. Try to remain calm and offer lots of praise when your child does wee or poo in the potty! With ample time and praise, they will begin to realise they can do it!

Remember to protect your sofa, bed and carpet around the potty with a waterproof PeapodMat. This will remove the stress of accidents and save you hours of cleaning up! 

  • My child constantly has accidents when we're away from home! 😟

It's natural for a child to have more accidents outside of the home, where a potty was always at hand. Some parents prefer to pop their child in pull ups, explaining that it's only for the outside. After a few attempts, and your child staying dry, you can try going out without it. Another solution is to carry a potty with you but this is not always practical, etc. 

  • My child shows no signs of being ready for potty training! 🤔

There's no set age to begin potty training, but usually a child becomes ready between 2-3 years old. If you're worried that your child is getting older and shows no interest in potty training try talking to them about potty training, or reading a book on the subject.

If your little one has speech problems and can't communicate their needs, the signs of being ready for potty training might not be that obvious. At the beginning it's best to take your child to the potty, rather than asking if they need it.

  • My child seems to have regressed after a big life event! 😭

This is a very common potty training problem. It's best to postpone potty training if there are big events happening like a new sibling, new house, starting nursery etc. Wait a few weeks until everything settles down and try again. Don't get too discouraged!

  • My child won't poo on a potty! 😕

Children often don't want to poo on a potty and they will try to hold it. This can lead to constipation. One painful poo on a potty can be enough to put them off pooping and they might consistently try to hold it. It's important to keep them hydrated, make sure their diet is high in fibre, and be on the lookout for signs of constipation. If you do notice that your child is constipated talk to your GP or Health Visitor. If the sound of flushing water is scaring them, wait until they leave the toilet to flush. 

 We hope you now feel confident in your ability to tackle all potty training problems!

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