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How to help your child sleep better in summer

Getting children to sleep during the summer can be a challenge. Nights are short and the daily routine goes out the window. Try these tips to help your child (and you!) sleep better! 😴

1. The ideal temperature is between 16-20℃. Having the blinds closed during the day helps to keep the room cooler. 🌡️

2. Keep the bedroom dark, quiet and tidy. 🤫Use blackout blinds or curtains so your child doesn't get up with the first light. 🌄

3. Use a nightlight so your child is not scared of the dark. 💡

4. Keep all screens out of the bedroom. They should also be turned off an hour before bedtime. 📵

5. Make sure the bed is comfortable. Use lighter blankets and pyjamas. 

6. If the outside noise keeps you or your child awake, try using white noise or listen to some calm music. 🎵

BONUS TIP: Use a breathable mattress protector. Children drink a lot on hot, summer days, so it's likely they will sweat more and may experience bedwetting accidents.💦  PeapodMats protect your child's mattress and make them more comfortable at night! ✨

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