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How to Deal with Leaky Nappies

Leaky nappies disturbing your child's sleep? Changing the bedding in the middle of the night? Scrubbing the mattress in the morning?

Try these tips: 

  1. Make sure the nappy is not too big. Children often wriggle a lot at night so if the nappy is even a little bit too big, it might leak. Once the nappy is on, try to feel for any gaps between a nappy and your child's back and tummy. If you find some, try a smaller nappy.
  2.  Check if nappy is not too small. Smaller nappies absorb less liquid. Obvious signs of a too small nappy are red marks on child's tights and around their waist.
  3. Put a fresh nappy on right before bedtime. You can also change it again before you go to sleep.
  4. If the above didn't help, try to identify where the leak is coming from. Some children sleep on their front and nappies leak on their tummy. In this case you can pull the nappy at the front. 
  5. Try a different brand of nappies. In our experience, some nappies are more absorbent than others. 
  6. If your child is over 12 months, cover the bedsheet with a PeapodMat - 100% waterproof bed mat that stays in place without straps. It will protect the bedsheet from nappy leaks or blowouts and you can quickly replace it and go back to sleep without the need to scrub the mattress in the morning. PeapodMats are easy to look after and can be washed with your regular laundry. Thanks to their durability, you will use them during potty training when the time comes!

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