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How to cope with summer time clock change

1. Move your bedtime forward by 10 minutes a day in a week before the time change. This will help your body adjust and avoid tiredness in the coming weeks. This is also helpful for children. 🛏️

2. Wake up 10 minutes early each day in a week leading to the time change. 🌞

3. Schedule your mealtimes 10 minutes earlier each day. 🍲

4. On Sunday following the time change, go for an early walk outside. Natural light (even on cloudy days) regulates your hormones making you less sleepy. 🚶‍♀️

5. Avoid screen time before bed. Blue light from phones, tablets and other devices can interfere with your sleep. 📵

6. Avoid caffeine 4 to 6 hours before sleep and relax an hour before bed. Remember to keep your bedroom calm and dark for better sleep. 😴

7. If wet bedding is disturbing your sleep, try PeapodMats! Thousands of parents and kids are loving these 100% waterproof bed mats!

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