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How to Break Your Bad Cleaning Habits

1. Don't leave little messes until cleaning day.🧹

It's easy to ignore coffee stains on the table, toothpaste in the sink, socks thrown somewhere in the corner. What to do instead: Clean on the go. Rinsing toothpaste, wiping the coffee stains and picking up socks while you walk past them will only take a few minutes a day. This way you will have a lot less to do on your cleaning day.

2. Don't allow paper clutter to accumulate 📰

Do you have a place at your home where a pile of paper just keeps on growing? Letters, magazines, school projects, leaflets? What to do instead: create a box for important mail, take pictures of your children's artwork, read news and articles online. Make sure to go through the pile at least once a week, saving all important correspondence and shredding everything else. 


3. Don't leave dirty dishes in the sink. 🍲

No one wants to wash the dishes after having dinner but leaving them in the sink for a longer time will increase the number of germs and might attract ants that will take forever to get rid of. What to do instead: if you have a dishwasher make it a habit to place dirty dishes straight in there. You can create a schedule for the whole family who's responsible on each day for loading and unloading the dishes. If you don't have a dishwasher you can create a similar schedule for washing dishes.

4. Don't wear outside shoes indoors. 👞

Even if you're going out again in a few minutes, it's best to remove the outdoor shoes. This will reduce the frequency of hoovering and spreading germs. You can make it easier by providing a chair next to the shoe rack. 

5. Don't delay changing the bedding and cleaning the mattress. 🛏️

Bedding should be washed in hot temperatures at least once a week. If your mattress has frequent contact with liquids (due to bedwetting or incontinence) and you don't clean it properly, you will soon need to invest in a new one. Protect your bedsheet and mattress with 100% waterproof PeapodMats.

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