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Are you oversleeping? 😴

Most adults need between 6 and 9 hours of sleep. If you find that you feel tired after this time or are finding it difficult to wake up in the morning, here are a few tips to help you:

1. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. 😴

It will help your brain and body find a routine. After some time you may even start waking without an alarm. Yay!

2. Avoid lying in on weekends. 😴

It's very tempting, isn't it? But it might disrupt the whole routine you've been working hard to establish during the week.

3. Keep all devices out of the bedroom. 📵

While it's a great idea to read or listen to relaxing music, try keeping mobile phones, tablets, and laptops out of the bedroom. 

4. Wind down before bedtime. 🛀

Try breathing techniques, a warm bath, candles, or gentle music. You'll soon find what works best for you.

5. Keep your bedroom relaxed. 💤

Your bedroom should be free of clutter, laundry and, if possible, not include your working space. This will only stress you and overstimulate your brain.

6. Avoid naps. ❌

Having naps throughout the day can disrupt your nighttime routine. If you feel sleepy throughout the day, try exercising for a few minutes. A few jumping jacks should do the trick!

7. Change your alarm. 🎵

Alarms are usually associated with negative emotions. Try using a gentle alarm. Light can also wake you up naturally, so try not to use blackout blinds.

8. Change your attitude towards waking up. 🤗

Try to rethink how you feel about mornings. Create a morning routine that you feel excited about. For example: try new smoothies every morning, gentle exercise, and read a few pages of a book that you enjoy.

9.  Healthy diet. 🍏

Keeping a healthy diet will keep you energized during the day. Avoid eating right before bedtime. 

10. Bedroom temperature. 🌡️

Overheating during sleep might make you more tired. The ideal temperature is around 18C. 

11. See a GP if you're frequently feeling tired and sleepy as it might be a sign of an underlying condition, including depression.👨‍⚕️

12. If you experience overheating, sweating or bedwetting try using PeapodMats. They're washable bed mats that are 100% leakproof and protect your mattress from accidents. 💦

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334 reviews
PeapodMat | Size: Medium
Rachel Richards

Brilliant product, it has saved lots of washing of bedsheets! Also we can take it with us when we stay away, which gives peace of mind

PeapodMat | Size: Medium
Viktorija Kvetkaite-Piskova
Great product

Bought two and only used one as my son had dry nights ever since we started using them. Works like magic 😃

Hello Viktorija,
It's wonderful to hear that you're happy with your PeapodMat and your son is now having dry nights!
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,

PeapodMat | Size: Large
Wendy Meredith

Order received quickly and well packaged, will defo use agsin

Hello Wendy,
We're delighted to hear that you're happy with your order!
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,

Excellent product - does what is promised. Makes light work of changing the bed - does not allow any soak through. Comfortable to sleep on and washes well

Hello Ann,
It's great to hear that you're happy with your PeapodMat and that it's comfortable to sleep on!
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,


Bought 2 medium peapod mats for my twin grandchildren. They both have cerebral palsy and my daughter says these mats are amazing. They stay in place and are so easy to remove & wash/dry when needed so they're back on the bed ready for night time.

Hello Yvonne,
We're delighted to hear that your family is happy with PeapodMats!
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,