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5 Reasons Why Potty Training In Summer Is a Great Idea

1. Less washing

Due to warmer temperatures we generally wear fewer layers, so when children 'need to go' it's much easier to get their bottoms off in time. Less clothing also means less washing when accidents happen!

Children enjoy running around with little to no clothes on. This can definitely be encouraged while potty training as if they have an accident they'll be more aware of it than if they were dressed, or wearing pull ups. 

2. Less cleaning

Spending more time outside means less cleaning if an accident happens. 

3. More time

When compared to Christmas break, summer is usually more relaxed as it's not packed with holidays giving parents or grandparents more time to potty train. There's also less classes and activities to attend.

4. Ready for pre-school

While most pre-schools support children who are still wearing nappies, it's a big plus if the child is potty trained. Potty training while at school can take longer, cause regressions and be more stressful for the child. 

5. Opportunity for practice 

With the heat, children drink more water. This is great for getting those full bladders to practice with! 

Child potty training

11 Quick Tips to Help You with Potty Training

1. ⏰ Make sure your child is ready. Signs to look out for: child is telling you they're wet, they're hiding while having a wee or poo, they pull on their nappy when it's dirty or wet. 

2. 🩲 Let them pick their 'big pants'. If your child enjoys a certain cartoon, they might try harder to not wee on their favourite characters!

3. 💧 Protect your home with PeapodMats. You can place waterproof mats under the potty, on the sofa or in their bed. PeapodMats will save you hours of cleaning. 

4. 📚 Read books about potty training with your child. This will get your little one used to the idea, and may even get them ready and excited!

5. 🧻 Have a potty handy. Having a potty upstairs, in the living room and in their bedroom might help your little one remember to use it during playtime.

6. 🚽 Some children prefer to be like the grown ups and use the 'big toilet' straight away, skipping the potty. In this case having a toilet training seat is a great idea. 

7. 👑 It's important to remember that a potty doesn't have to be fancy and expensive. Singing, talking and flashing potties can be scary, and won't speed up the process. A potty simply needs to do the job.

8. 💚 Don't stress! Understanding and support is crucial during potty training. Praise your child when they use the potty and try not to fixate on accidents. Simply remind your little one that wee and poo goes in the toilet, and without making a fuss just tidy up the mess. 

9. 📅 Don't leave potty training until the last week of summer. Starting pre-school is a big event in child's life and adding potty training at the last minute will be stressful, cause refusal and/or regression. 

10. ⏱ Potty time. Ask your child to sit on the potty for few minutes after mealtimes but don't force them if they don't want to. 

11. 🕺 Recognise the signs. If your child is playing, but touching their crotch area or doing a 'potty dance', gently remind them to use the potty. 

Child sitting on the potty


Potty training at night takes longer and needs more preparation. You can find out helpful tips here

Did you potty train your child during the summer? How long did it take you? Any tips we missed? 

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