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5 tips for changing a bunk bed

1. Use fitted sheets. This way the top bunk bed will look nice and tidy with no sheets hanging down. ✔️

2. Get help.😅 Ask the child who sleeps in the top bunk to help you. This will teach them life skills and responsibilities. 🤓

3. Use a stool or a small ladder to reach the top bed. Most bunk bed ladders are not designed for adults. Holding onto the bunk bed ladder also means you have only one hand free to do the sheets. 🙈

4. Move the bed away from the wall (if possible) to easily reach all four corners of the mattress. This will save you from pulled muscles and bumps. 

5. Get PeapodMats! Changing a bunk bed is a lot of hassle, right? PeapodMats are 100% leakproof and stay in place without straps. Pop them on the bedsheet and voilà! In case of a bedwetting accident, simply whisk it away! No need to strip the whole bed in the middle of the night! 🤗

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