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10 Easy Christmas Crafts to do with Kids

1. Our favourite is making salt dough decorations 🎄. You can find how to make them here.

2. Our second favourites are deliciously smelling DIY Dried Citrus Ornaments. 🍊

3. If you have spare ribbons lying around the house, you can reuse them to make this adorable ribbon tree ornaments. 🎀

4. Ice lollies sticks are great for many Christmas crafts including popsicle sticks sleds 🛷 or Christmas trees 🎄.

5. Beads snowflakes are easy and quick to do and they look beautiful on a Christmas tree. ❄️

6. If your children love Lego, they're going to enjoy making Christmas tree ornaments with it. You can find great ideas here. 

7. If you have a younger child at home, you can get them involved in making Christmas Cards with Fingerprint Christmas lights or a Footprint Reindeer. They'll be a great keepsake for your loved ones.

8. Children can make their own elf using paper plates and step by step instructions can be found here. 

9. If you have any pine cones, you can decorate them and add sparkles to your Christmas tree. We love this glitter addition!

10. If you need inspiration, Baker Ross has lots of great ideas and craft supplies. ✂️

We hope that our tips will get your little ones involved and entertained! 


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